so what's the deal?

in order to continue providing a service to our community, we've set up a way to get your staple groceries without having to enter a supermarket or wait for an open delivery slot.

at the same time, support the local farms that supply moss year round and support moss as well!

PLUS keep local, sustainable produce, eggs, dairy and more stocked for health and well-being.

so many wins!

each box will include the following locally sourced items for $45:

  • a rotating variety of 8 veggies (ie. carrots, box of spinach, parsley, etc.)

  • a dozen local organic pastured eggs

  • 4 apples

add ons available:

  • additional dozen feather ridge pastured eggs $8

  • additional 6 local organic apples $5

  • local organic tofu (2 15oz packs) $10

  • cabot pound of butter $8

  • maplehofe half gallon 2% milk $6

  • local maple syrup pint $15

  • local honey pint $12

  • whole wheat sourdough from bread alone $8

  • local organic greenhouse cucumbers 1lb $6

  • local organic little gem lettuce 8oz box $6

  • local organic mother earth cremini mushrooms 8oz box $4.50

  • local organic mother earth miatake mushrooms 3.5oz box $7

  • seven stars organic plain yogurt $5

  • small valley milling organic AP white flour 5lb bag $10

  • stumptown retail bag *not ground* (single origin) $20

  • stumptown retail bag *not ground* (hair bender) $16

  • 3 bottle curated wine share (1 red, 1 white, 1 rose) $75


  • order sunday night by 10pm for wednesday pick up between 3-5pm ​

    • ​you can access the ordering page by clicking here

  • we are striving for as little contact as possible to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved. pick up will be outdoors. orders are pre-paid and no money will be taken or handled on site. your box will be labeled with your name so you can drive up, take YOUR box, and go without having to break social distancing rules or rifle through other products or payment methods. please be mindful of this effort if you show up to pick up at the same time as others and keep a distance. 

  • the pick up will ONLY be wednesday 3-5pm. 

    • you will receive a separate confirmation email with exact location for pick up

  • you can only order the add-ons WITH a farm box, not on their own.