Q: Will you have outdoor dining?

A: YES! but we won't be serving there. it's available to our customers who can take their packed orders to a table.

Q: Can I order at the café?

A: yes you can, but we really recommend you order online to save yourself time. if you order at the window you'll have to get out of line and re-enter the line to pick your order up when it's ready. save time: order online!

Q: Are you delivering to my Zipcode?

A: 10023, 10024, ​10025, 10027,10031, 10032, 10033, 10034, 10040, 10463, 10468, 10471, 10701, 10703, 10704, 10705, 10707, 10708, 10709, 10710, 10804, 10583, 10606, 10605, (and 07666, 07631, 07633 on Thursdays only)

Q: Why have you become a no-tipping establishment?

A: Moss has always been a restaurant committed to social and environmental progress. When Covid-19 hit NY, our first concern was the safety and security of our employees. This unprecedented time has laid bare the grave insecurity in which many Americans live, not least of whom are restaurant workers.

The restaurant industry has unfortunately always relied on implicit inequality and while many idealistic restauranteurs before me have tried to level the playing field for immigrant workers, people of color and other disenfranchised groups throughout history, it is not enough. Restaurants have always existed on razor thin margins and one of the only ways to "make it work" is to undercut labor. Inevitably many restaurant owners succumb to slashing hours, wages or both in order to stay open-- and in turn, they pass on the cost of keeping employees above minimum wage by requesting tips.

This leads to insecurity for workers, in that their minimum wage is dependent on the moods of the customers on any given day, on the weather or how busy it is, or most unjustly- on their gender, sexual orientation, national origin or color of their skin. In fact, the social custom of tipping is rooted in racist policy post Civil War. When faced with these brutal facts, and the decision to re-open Moss Cafe, I could not reconcile my complicity in such an unethical system. 

For all of these reasons and many more, Moss has decided to eliminate tipping. We want to pay our team, both in the front of the house and in the back of the house, a REAL living wage that is reliable in these uncertain times. We want to encourage everyone at Moss to provide excellent customer service- not because they have to put on a song and dance, but because that is what Moss stands for and they feel a part of it. We are a community restaurant and the Moss team is essential to that community. We're all in it together.